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Tales of the Abyss Part 1 Limited Edition: Chihiro Suzuki, Kenji Kodama Reviews and Coupon

~ Chihiro Suzuki
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Never played the gameJanuary 3, 2012

By RavenRing


Luke fon Fabre is the son of a noble from the kingdom of Kimlasca-Lavaldear. He has led a very sheltered life due to an incident 7 years ago, when he was abducted by agents from the neighboring Malkuth Empire. But one day while training with his mentor, Van Grants, a strange woman breaks into the mansion. She comes with the sole intent of killing Van, but an accident occurs and Luke and Tear are magically transported far away. Now the spoiled and naive Luke must team up with the calm and capable Tear in order to survive his first jaunt into the real world. But the journey will change him far more than he ever could have imagined.

I was introduced to the Tales series through the Tales of Symphonia game, which I enjoyed for both gameplay and storyline. As I looked for more games in the series, I stumbled across the Tales of the Abyss anime. I kind of wanted to play the game, but didn't want to buy a PS2 game, so I opted for the anime instead. I was impressed. I've seen plenty of shows based off of video games and am usually disappointed. But if I hadn't known this show was based off of a game, I might never have guessed - until they started pasting the attack names at the top of the screen :P
The story was fast paced and sprinkled with twists. The characters were interesting and I really enjoyed Luke's growth (he starts out as an annoying brat and matures into a rather likable guy). The story was a little confusing/messy at times, but apparently the game is about 80 hours long, so I can understand that some clarity might be cut to fit stuff in. It didn't really bother me too much.

This release is sub only (no English language track), which didn't bother me as I normally watch anime with subs. I seriously doubt there will ever be a dub release, so don't wait for it.
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Tales of the awesome September 6, 2012

By Crisis Hero

Format:DVD|Verified Purchase

It's a great deal for what it gives you. Sure it sucks that there are no english dubs, but who cares? If you want it bad enough to pay then you want it bad enough to read.

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Great Adaptation of a Great Game October 13, 2011

By Peter Popoff

Format:DVD|Verified Purchase

Tales of the Abyss was a game that came out for the PS2 in 2005 in Japan and a year later in the US. It became my second favorite game ever, after Tales of Vesperia. While I have gone through the game multiple times I have so far only seen the episodes of the anime that come with this set. That said, so far the anime adaptation is faithful to the original story. It is much more faithful to the events of the game than the Tales of Symphonia OVA was (although that was still a good show, it was just condensed way too much). It feels a little rushed at times but that is what happens when you squeeze a 60-70 hour game into a single season anime.

The DVD set has the first seven episodes, as well as the collectors edition adding part one of the Asch the Bloody manga to the set. It is a neat addition but if you do not care about the manga you can pick up the regular version for a little less. The show is in Japanese with English subtitles which was a smart choice. Being such a fan of the game I would have only liked a dubbed version if all the original voice actors came back to do this and that is unlikely with as busy as many of them are.

Of course this is just one disc release. At the rate they are going, it will probably take three more discs to finish the series, which will add up to a lot of money. However they haven't announced a full season set yet though so this may end up being the only way to get it. Only time will tell. Anyway if you are a fan of the game, pick this up. Also, if you are a fan of the Tales game series of which Tales of the Abyss is a part, in 2012 the Nintendo 3DS port of Tales of the Abyss and the anime movie prequel to Tales of Vesperia comes here to the US. Tales of Graces F for the PS3 also is expected to come out Q1 2012.

Great!! I bought 1-4 and got them VERY fast!! February 15, 2014

By Nicole

Format:DVD|Verified Purchase

I'm very glad I bought these for my boyfriend for his birthday!! This anime is VERY hard to find and these came just in time in perfect condition, still in it's original wrapping, just as advertised :3

Shortened for your enjoyment. June 11, 2013

By M. Collver-Horvath

Format:DVD|Verified Purchase

I really like this OVA, it expands upon some of the characters by providing some extra scenes not present in the game to introduce Natalia and her relationship to both Guy and Luke before she is ever formally introduced in the game. I also like the overall condensed narrative that cuts out superflourous events from the game that did not pertain to the overall plot, making the first volume a very coherent, concise series of episodes. Well done and I can't wait for the next 3 parts!

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